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"Beyond Wrong Doing and Right Doing" Rumi 


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Posted on March 28, 2019 at 5:05 PM

Poet's Statement:

With playful encouragement, anyone is capable of being creative.

I have learned this through developing my own creativity, and participating in writing groups, as well as from my many wonderful counseling clients. My knowledge and experience in the creative process has been a valuable resource when helping creatives, couples, and people with disabilities to better navigate the challenges they encounter.

Both art and counseling call for the same quality of presence and openness.

Writing poetry became second nature to me ever since I started at the age of sixteen. My BA in English further developed my skills, love of literature, and enthusiasm. In order to support myself and my passion for poetry, I went on to get my Masters in Guidance and Counseling with a specialization in Rehabilitation.


I have been writing, counseling, and living in New Mexico since 1972 where life has connected me with emptiness, desert, and mountains. This has been a great inspiration for my writing and other creative projects including my work with clients.


I especially love offering poetry readings and writing workshops. I currently co-facilitate a playful and inspiring writing group in Santa Fe, NM. 

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